Welcome to
Hotel Ruby Marie



Welcome guests of the Hotel Ruby Marie!

I am thrilled that you have chosen to stay with us. In light of the current pandemic, I would like to provide a little information about some of the protocols we have in place to make sure your stay with us is as safe and pleasant as possible.

Along with our ramped-up cleaning regime for each of our guest rooms and public areas, we have taken great care to book reservations in a manner that allows for a maximum number of days between room occupants.

Once a guest checks out, our staff will not enter a room for the first 24 hours. On the second day, we enter and strip all of the bath and bed linens (down to the bare mattress) and launder them on the hottest settings. On day three, we do a complete wipe-down of all surfaces with industrial disinfectants and anti-viral spray, which allows us to space out reservations by 72 hours.

Each room also is provided with hand sanitizer, which we encourage you to use upon entering your room.

If you are staying with us for more than one night, we are happy to deliver replacement towels, commodities, etc. to your door upon request, but we are unable to perform any in-room service in order to adhere to our current safety protocols.

Finally, our weekday continental breakfast downstairs at  Lakeview Bakery & Deli has been suspended; however, you are able to select items from their regular menu and they will prepare your meal to order. You are welcome to enjoy your breakfast in their socially-distanced dining room, or you may return to your room eat. Weekend breakfast at the Come Back In (next door) is available as well.

We appreciate your patronage and cooperation as we all strive to reach a better tomorrow. Enjoy your stay!


Joshua Paffel

Managing Innkeeper,
Proudly serving Hotel Ruby Marie for the last 12 years